Robotmode & Frank J Ruano - Robot Made in Taiwan EP

Robot Made in Taiwan is an Electro track, vintage style, break beats, robotic voices, space elements, sideral sounds and a killer synth bass.

Ectoplasm is Electro-Techno, overwhelming beat, epic melodies and sci-fi synths.
Another 432hz experience, enjoy it.

DienteLibre/Sergio Cáceres - More Bass EP

DienteLibre brings up two new tracks:
"Vintage Dub", tech house and minimal for fine tastes, with a fresh sound immersed into some kind of serious ambience, which is ideal for any dance-floor. "Rodríguez", high quality minimal and tech house based upon an elegant selection of sounds.
Sergio Cáceres, well known DJ in South of Spain, provides us "Saltar Sin Miedo", a track full of old school techno sounds, tribal percussions and minimalistic touches.

Frank J. Ruano - Inercia Eléctrica Ep

Frank J. Ruano presents the third EP of our label.

"Inercia Eléctrica", is an Electro-Techno & Electro-Break track, driven by a killer bass-synth, full of power and forcefulness.
"All rhythm", is instead Electro-Techno and Minimalistic track, where a great sound selection is placed within a dark ambience.

These are perfect songs to burn the dance floor.


Ground / Headown - Vol 1.

Balance 432 Records comes back strong with another amazing EP.
Two tracks, with an exquisite selection of sounds.
Ground, consolidate Dj & Producer, presents "Tatoo", a strong Minimal-Techno track full of electronic melodies.
Headown, the youngest talent of our label, presents "Bonsi", full of epic melodies, Electronic-Techno & Neo-Trance sounds.

Robotmode - Who pulls the strings Ep

We proudly announce the debut release of Balance432Records. Robotmode aka Jake R. Kaiser, owner and founder of the label, is opening it with 2 tracks.
"Hypnotherapy", is a journey through Minimal-Techno, Neo-Trance flavours, dark and hypnotic sounds.
"Who pulls the strings", is instead a heavy weapon, dark and moody Techno.
Robotmode strongly supports the theory of natural music pitch to 432hz based on natural frequencies of cosmic harmony of the universe and its profound effects on consciousness. Enjoy the experience!